Museum Geologi Bandung

1 ~ 2 Aug 2015 , Museum Geologi Bandung

My Brother said that he`s coming to Bandung for one reunion with his college friends. He is coming with his family.
At first I already booked him a room at hotel, however due to a mistake made by the hotel team, amazingly.. he got compesated with a lot..lot bigger room xixixi.. envy you brother.

So, because of the big..big.. and wide room, he even said `the room has a size of my home at Depok`

So, I decided to sleep over here although, once again.. actually my kosan is soooo nearby.

For Dinner we went to Ciwalk, on foot.. yes.. yes.. the Cihampelas Walk really is in walking distance from the hotel.
the next day, after breakfast, we went to Museum Geologi Bandung, it is a place about rocks.. and Dinosaurs .. ahahahaha it really is, well atleast the remains from it, actually it is a place from what I call `educational vacation destination`,
From the first we walk into, we`ll see a big..big.. Mammoth bone, yups an ancient Elephants bone ( is it real ? of course not.. it is a replica. )
On the left side of the main entrance, There is a room, with a big spinning Globe, showing the Earth and what is inside, and there is also lots of Mineral Rocks, colourfull, I don`t recall all the names, but I think.. some of it named like jewelry that I know, such as opal, saphire, diamond, gold, bismuh, etc. There is also a room about Indonesian`s Geology , how the soil of Indonesia, what people mining in it, etc
On the right side of the mainentrance, there are collection of Bones.. what bones ?? a Tyranosaurus Rex.. (its a replica though hehehe), and other bones from ancient animal, and also human skull showing the evolution theory

On the second floor, we can see information about the use of mineral and energy, there is also an earthquake simulation.

Overal I said, It is a good place for educational.

The entrance fee was also cheap, for Adult it only cost Rp. 3.000, Student Rp. 2.000 and Tourist (Foreigner) Rp. 10.000
Address : Jl. Diponegoro No. 57 Bandung, West Java
Operational Hour :
Monday to Thursday : 08.00 ~ 16.00
Saturday and Sunday : 08.00 ~ 14.00
Friday and National Holiday : Close

A place, recommended. Indeed … !!!

1 2 aug bandung weekend adventure#Thanks Bro, for taking me here.
#thank to the goverment, providing the educational place like this
And for Lunch.. we had Soto Ayam near ITB, my Brother`s campus.
Ahahahaha.. my kind of weekend adventure, where it doesn`t really need to be expensive (despite the Hotel hehehehe), walking together, having lunch together, its just have to be Fun.
Once again.. thankyou for visiting Bro.