My Weekend Adventure

My Weekend Adventure
12191937_315875338536064_5735831271769876747_nYups, most people will say there is working hour, working day, I also would like to say Weekend Adventure Weekend doesn’t mean Saturday or Sunday, I just rambling about it as the days when all the hectic week’s end.Well, if people think adventure had something to do with jungle, going to someplace with lots of “dangerous “stuff to do. Well for me, as a person that don’t go errand a lot since childhood.. Even just taking a simple bus or getting lost in a middle of a town was adventurous,.

12188946_10206505231021391_8958543769053423064_nSo I simply said it “My Weekend Adventure” as the time I just went someplace other than my work place. Meet with my friends, going to a new place and etc.
My Weekend , My Adventure

And these are my stories …


Palayangan River 21 March 2011

Palayangan River 21 March 2011

One day, my friend Riri ask me to join her in Rafting activity.. gosh, I was pretty sure that if my familiy know about it they won’t be agree , so i think I was a kind of sneak out from them .. hahahaha.. and few months later, I know that actually she’s have someone special in the other team, so actually Riri’s request (maybe) “Mira would you please accompanying me, meet the person that I will be marrying”

Sumatera Barat, July 2011

Sumatera Barat, July 2011

Sumatera Barat.. after many..many years… I went to Padang, West Sumatera, visiting the famous Maninjau Lake, the Big Ben of Indonesia.. xixixixi Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi, passing the Kelok, etc..
btw, yes.. this is my hometown…!!!

#Minang rantau


Singapore, 17 ~ 20 Nov 2011

Singapore Weekend Adventure

Singapore Weekend Adventure

Is it work related ? I don’t know.. maybe yes, maybe no
One day, my boss said ” why don’t you join the rheumatologist to Singapore, your passport was never used.. so here I am, using my passport for the first time,speak english for the first time, My first foreign trip


Semarang, Central Java , 10 Des 2011

Museum Kereta Api, Ambarawa, Dec 2011

Museum Kereta Api, Ambarawa, Dec 2011

Using a little time, I went to Semarang city, pick up by my Aunt, yes finally after several time being asked, so I decided to pay her a visit, meeting with my Aunt and her family, sometimes you don’t really need to go to a vacation spot, simply just visiting a family and going around the city with them, are one of the new experience, so i called it yes, another weekend adventure.


Jogjakarta, 11 Dec 2011

jogja weekend adv Once my best friend came to visit me at my Campus.. after years.. finally I can repay her a visit, it was one day trip indeed, continuing my adventure from Semarang, using a travel after 3 hours, I arrived at Yogyakarta, riding motor with her along Malioboro and other spots in Yogyakarta.. and I decided.. I like the City.. so maybe one day, I’ll be back for another weekend adventure

Pangandaran, West Java 17-18 Feb 2012

pantai Batu Karas

pantai Batu Karas Pangandaran 18 Feb 2012

its all started with another unused invitation for my friend from our office yet she can not use it, so I got 3 accomodation for this trip. to be honest, going to Pangandaran was already kind of my routine because my sister lives near there. However due to my other friend ” come on Mira, I haven’t visit Pangandaran”, So actually I just “making wish come true for my friends. Then again, its still felt different, because I went with my friends.. yeaaay another great weekend adventure


Pekan Baru, Riau, 17 – 20 May 2012

Pekan Baru, Riau  17-20 May 2012

Pekan Baru, Riau
17-20 May 2012

Being so hectic at work, I decided to do a short trip.. a totally alone trip, to a place that I barely know, although, actually my aunt is there, well not exactly, it still takes us another 2 hours land trip to arrive at her home. As I was saying.. that it was an alone trip, even after I arrived there, since my aunt lives at rural area, the next day, I decided to go to the city, wondering the town all by myself.. hei, I met my college friend there, visited her house there. well thats enough for me #gift of ukhuwah

Bandar Lampung, 23-25 May 2015

Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai

Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai

Starting with a ride by bus from Leuwipanjang Bandung, I went there, going around the city by motorcycle, as medical student, I also took a time to take picture at the Central Hospital Abdoel Moloek,
and what amazing is, there is a BASO Restaurant, named SONY, with lot of Branches, coincidently, I met my college friend with her husband, whom also my college friend, with their son.. ahahahaha.. when you actually met with someone, without making any appointment, I call it Fate.. #gift of Ukhuwah

Jakarta, Sept 2012

Monas, DKI Jakarta, Sep 2012

Monas, DKI Jakarta, Sep 2012

just like other citizen of Jakarta, we went to Monas, passed it several times.. maybe hundred times, yet there were no picture been take. So here it is, me and my friends, having a trip round Jakarta, and taking picture at MONAS. after MONAS we also went to Istiqlal the biggest Mosque in Jakarta, or maybe in South East Asia

CEBU,MANILA, Philippine March 2014

mabuhay..CEBU-MANILA, March 2014

mabuhay..CEBU-MANILA, March 2014

another not so work related

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 20 ~ 22 June 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-22June 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-22June 2014

Due to some works related, I had to go to a meeting over there, well it is a work, so not much time for doing lalalala… maybe someday


Jogjakarta, 26 ~ 27 Sep 2014
2014Yogyakarta Weekend Adventure 2014 Receiving a job, to hand carry a package from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada, and realizing that one of my best friend is at Yogyakarta, and as I recall once saying “one day, I’ll be back to Yogyakarta, so I request and extended time at Yogyakarta, however due to her activity, I arrived at Yogya on Weekday…xixixixi she could not accompanying me going around the City, so I really take a Jogja Trans, stepping on several place, doing all the camera stuff alone, only after afternoon she pick me up, going to several other place… aaaa indeed a nice place to visit, someday, lets visit again shall we =D

The one and only temple I visited, is there any other building there ? None..!! truly only one. well can not ..
compare it with the Biggest temple in Asia (or world) known as Borobudur (actually I never did went there also)
What is the name ? what ever.. wkwkwkwwk
the fare was only IDR 2.000, with motorcycle it only takes several minutes from Uthie’s house, we even only go there prior her bussy time to go work 06.30 AM.
Well then it settle.. I went to Yogyakarta.. I already went to a Temple

candi jogja


Bandung, 6~7 June 2015
Bandung Weekend Adventure 6 7 june 2015I start the Weekend by attending the mini symposia,
and after that off I go to the Mercure Hotel, using free voucher for staying… yeaaay,
and one of my friend would like to try her under water camera, so off we go there,
at night enjoying one of the famous Bandung culinary aka Soerabi.
The next day, one on my friend said “Can I come, for a nice little rest after my night shift..
ohohoho.. “please come”, having breakfast together…
and my weekend adventure end by having lunch at Iga Bakar Jangkung at Hypersquare.
Just another great weekend adventure..!!!


Bandung, 02 Aug 2015

Museum Geologi Bandungbandung 02 aug 2015 if there is a place where you can see Dinosaurs, its here… well atleast the remains from it.
Museum Geologi Bandung. Thanks to my brother and his family, finally i got a chance to go there. its a nice place to learn about Geology matters.
and the ticket is so cheap.. xixixixi.. for adult only cost Rp.3000 and student only Rp 2000


Bandung, 01 Nov 2015

Sekitaran Jalan Dago, Bandung

Somewhere around DAGO

Today, I call it adventure, because I went riding a little bit uphill to Dago PAKAR… THR Juanda the entrance fee IDR 10.000 , done a little bit walking around the forest.. after that went down all the way DAGO main road.. to TAMAN BALAI KOTA, or Bandung City Hall Park, Lucky me.. there was BANDROS the famous Bandung City tour Bus. not riding it offcourse, due to some issue the tour currently being suspended, until further notification.
Thanks to my friend, for taking nice pic, and her idea `just ride on the motorcycle` got me little confused…but why not.. lets just ride along DAGO 😀

Bandung, 7- 8 Nov 2015

IMG-20151108-WA0012Start with the free tickets or complimentary tickets received from previous project… so I invited my best friend and her husband to come to Bandung, and all of the sudden my other friends just happen to returning home from Serang, with her husband too.. So there we go for a little meet up at the St. Hall Bandung, doing the Lunch.. after that at the Afternoon went to Trans Studio Bandung, the famous Indoor theme Park, at night we had Kopmil.Du and Sate Padang DU.. We used the public transportation.. although it rain all day long.. it just doesn’t matter much.. We are just simply having Fun..
A nice culinary trip I think =D .
d LunC Meet UpThe next morning, we walk to Car Free Day Dago Bandung.. Meet up with more friends… Yeaaay…
It’s amazing when you can just smile, noticing that how happy it is meeting with your friends even in just a simply place such Jalan DAGO =D.

Been years to gather those friends, well not all of it.. but for me.. I call it enough =D .
Can’t wait for another Meet Up

#Malah Dicubo # Sate Hadori #Sate Padang Dipati Ukur #KopMIl.DU
#St.Hall Bandung #CarFreeDayDago
#Meet Up


Solo, 21 Nov 2015

solo weekend 21 nov 2015this is what`s going to happen, if you pay a visit to your friend on weekend, yet she has a family nearby.
Yup, actually I went to Jogya, visiting Yani, staying at her house, however due to weekend.. she went home, to the next city, Solo, using train about an hour.
So, I decided… why don`t I also visit her house there… xixixixi
and so, the journey start early morning, by train from Maguwo Stasion in Jogja to the main Solo`s Stasion name Solo Balapan.
Solo well known for its Keraton, so we went there..
and then having Selat Solo, the Javanesse Steak (I think ?) for lunch,
prayed at Masjid Ageng,
visit the temporary PASAR KLEWER,
ahahaha lucky me, there Sari, Yani`s younger sister whom lived longer there,
so thanks to her, I got a little tour guide around the city…along the main road,
until night came.. me and Yani went back to Jogja.

#Selat Solo
#Solo Weekend Adventure

bandung 08 Jan 2016


Me and My Niece

Me and My Niece

28 February 20116
Best thing having one cute Niece, bet someday she`s gonna be my `friends`

yes, you maybe my sister`s daughter but you are my best friend..!!!
for filling out the weekend, thank you

Jatinangor, 12 March 2016

UNPAD 12 March 2016

UNPAD 12 March 2016

another impulsive decision.. let’s go to the UNPAD campuss at Jatinangor.. about 30 km from Bandung… using motorcycle… hahahhaaha…. just realizing UNPAD ituuu luas bangeeeet… ini gedung yang belum jadi ketika dulu masih kuliah disitu.
baguuus yaaa…



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