Commuter Line at Jakarta

Commuter Line at Jakarta

Yes, Jakarta the Capital City of Indonesia.
Here is one of the transportation you can use, when visiting and taking Jakarta Tour. It is call Commuter Line, Basically.. it’s a train.. yes it’s a train, with 8 to 10 passenger wagons (passenger cars), passing railroad of course.
Commuter Line, or most people call it “ComLine” travel among places in Jakarta, you may often heard JABODETABEK , it is short for the city of Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi, well the comline serves that route JABODETABEK.
Going around the city with comline, are slightly different with the usual train you use if you go between province (like Jakarta to Bandung), here are about comline


Well, if you want to take comline, instead of buying a ticket…you have to use special card, the card can be top-up consist of your cash balances, later if you use it, your cash balances will be reduced.

There are several types of card:
1. Tiket Harian Berjaminan, it’s a card that you can only use single day, on the day you bought it, it also can only be used just as exact route, so you cannot add your route later.. you can buy it at the ticket counter or several station provide its through vending machine.
2. COMMET Commuter Electronic Ticketing
, it’s a card that you can use every day, all you have to do is top-up the cash balance in it. You can only top-up it at the Station or several merchants in corporation with Indonesia Railroad Company. If you are planning just taking comline tour, you can use this kind of card.
3. E-Money card, yups.. several National Bank in Indonesia already publish their e-money card, this also as part of Indonesia National Cash-less program. Several Bank even gave the card for free, all you have to do is top-up the Cash Balances, and it can be done at the station, ATM, several merchants, even from your mobile or internet banking, Another advantage of this card, it is also acceptable for paying toll road, buying food and beverages, even for taking the transJakarta Bus… and can be used in another city
Other than card… there are also bracelet… yes Indonesia is advancing technology, it may look little bit late than other country… at least we are moving steps =D

Check your balances here

First thing to do, if you are using COMMET or E-Money Card, check the balance first, you can find near the ticket, a little red box. If the balances are sufficient, all you have to do… is TAP IN, and at the end of journey.. do another TAP out.


Comline has busy schedule, if you missed it, you can always wait for the next one, depending on the route.. the departures are varied around every 5-30 minutes. However.. Comline is currently one of the first list of transportation, especially those with high mobility, try to avoid the rush hour, so you don’t bump with lots, lots of workers in early morning (before 8 AM) and the afternoon (after 4PM)’
Several station have a schedule board with updated position of each comline.

The last updated schedule as per follow JADWAL-GAPEKA-2017-update-19-April-2017-2


Comline indeed as part of Indonesia Railroad, although using the same railroad, there are slightly different with the usual train that passing to others province. The Main Train will stop at the MAIN STATION GAMBIR, while comline stops other than that, there are also transit station if you wish to jump to another route. Transit Station are Tanah Abang Station, Duri Station, Manggarai Station, Jatinegara Station, Jakarta Kota Station, Citayam Station

Comline station are disability friendly.. you can find yellow mark on the floor for those who are blind.. and several station also provide an elevator

And make sure you are on the right platform.. =D


Comline provide the first and the last of its cars for women only, you can see the different as it usually painted the color pink.
Other than that, as part of the courtesy, in each car, around the corner, special couchs are provide for those elderly, pregnant woman, disability. It’s a common sense to provide them.


* Always take note for what is prohibited during your ride

* Comline fare for the first 25 km are 3.000 IDR and farther than that additional 1.000 is added.

* Make sure the balances always sufficient, a minimum balances currently is 13.000 IDR.

* Comline also take luggage policy, only as size as cabin luggage are allowed.

* For children there are no privilege, for those with height above 90 cm, same price are charged

* Comline and all the stations are NON-SMOKING AREA

* Most Comline are air conditioned

* Announcement are bilingual : using bahasa Indonesia, and English

Have a nice comline ride 😀