A friend, I call Uni

born as the 4th child in the family with 2 brother before make a distance betwen me and my older sister, 7 years distance.
that distance made all kind of “sister-talk” doesn’t really happen.
Well, what can I expect,
when I start to talk, she’s gone to her school life.
When I know A..B..C she’s too busy with her friends
when I can drive my bike, she’s already catching up the bus
When I finally reach the age that can properly do chat (I have my own ID and going to high school), she’s already married.

then, I tried to remember…

From the old photo album,

When I wa a tiny little baby, she’s the one that sitting next to me.
When she can ride her bike, I sat behind her.
when picking clothes for the holiday, I prefer her choices
When college being a tough hard.. her burning spirit always there
(probably because we both take the same major)

it really is takes time to realize
that when I am still a little child, she is my older sister
and now, my sister is my friend

Yups, My Sister is My Friend

Luv U sist.


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