un-Solo Weekend Adventure

Solo Weekend Adventure

solo weekend 21 nov 2015

Here`s what going happen when you visit your friend on weekend, yet her family live nearby.
Yesterday, I went to Yogyakarta, to pick up the meds, lucky me I got to choose the date, so I pick Thursday night Train, with estimated I went to UGM on Friday.. then I have whole weekend as weekend adventure.
Friday : 04.30 arrived at Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta , fiuuh lucky me I didn`t feel down asleep otherwise I will arrive at Surabaya.
I always like to visit Yogyakarta, because. I have friend there.. meaning.. I got the accoodation for free.. xixixixi. So my friend Yani pick me up at statiun.. do the little ride in the morning, buy breakfast etc, until we arrive at her house.
After that we went to UGM, well I went to UGM, she went to RS Sardjito.
Btw, she told me that `I am planning to went home to Solo` …. Whuaaaats… okay then, lets do the Solo Weekend Adventure.. hohohoho
Saturday morning, we take the Pramex (Prambanan Express) a train that conect several kabupaten in middle Java… the fare.. only IDR 8.000 for each person. Aaaa for information, we only can buy tickets 3 hours at the minimum prior the departure, so we buy at 6 AM for the 9 AM schedule
Yogya to Solo takes around an hour few minutes.. the train was cozy. One thing for sure, I got roaming.. not a single word those passengers talking I understand,, I only nod..smile..etc.
Arrived at Stasiun Solo Balapan at 10.30… and Solo is HOT (not warm). Pleaseee I need somethng cool… hiks. And Yani said.. nope.. my house is not at Solo.. we still have to use taxi to my house, at the next city.. wkwkwkwkw.
Arrived at her house, nopeee… She said `everyone at Mom`s store` so we went there. Having another brunch .. Yes, it`s always feel awesome when introduced to your friend`s parent and they said `friend from college ? from where ?` .. and kind of getting the feeling `aaaa she`s my daughter friends, sparing time for visiting her friend`s hometown`
After that.. we went by motorcycle 3 motors back to Solo, with Yani`s sister and her Father.
After that, we had luch Selat Solo, gosh that place was crowded indeed.
Selat Solo ? one of the famous culinary item hm.. its looks like the western beef steak, with slice of potato, carrot etc. The taste ? People of Solo quite enjoy the sweet flavour.. so yes it is sweet flavour.
Did I mention the city had Hot temperature…. I got a little heatstroke, however… its not like I went here seldom.. so no way, I am giving up.. So We ask the Restaurant, if we could buy some ice cube to relief my headache.. So all along the road.. I was like holding a plastic of Ice xixixixixi.
And we continue to the Keraton Solo, hm.. only IDR 15.000. here you got to learn the Dinasty of Solo.. (or something like that). After that, we went to Pasar Klewer why ? stupid me.. I tought the weather will be friendly, so I bring my usual clothes. Daaaa aaa not match with the weather here, I need another Tshirt. So we went there to buy it. After that we went to Masjid Ageng (Main Masjid), do our Dzuhur and Ashar Prayer.. continue to Galebo Culinary Site.. however not yet open. Sari (Yani`s little sister said .. around night, usually very crowded) well I don`t have the time.
After that Yani said `I have to buy our Pramex ticket` aaaa ooo noooo… Lucky me Sari well known the city, so Sari take me to a `mini little tour` around the city, because I only simply said ` I only need to take picture of several spot`. So off we go… around the city.. I said its payback, because a years behind, I took Sari to little mini tour at Bandung.. so I call it even.
We went to Stadion Manahan, the another place BaleKambang. However all the place are closed hahahha.. well then, I just take the picture.
After that, we went for dinner at Bakso Kadipolo, and off we go back to Stasiun Solo Balapan.. with a very cloooseeee time, I almost arrive there late. Xixixixi
And off me and Yani back to Yogyakarta, by the last schedule of Pramex.. the train was `enough empty` so i got the chance to take picture there..
And we arrive back at Yogyakarta 21.30
Not even 12 hour.. atleast I got to said ` yes, I went to Solo, to do my Un Solo Weekend Adventure`
Thanks to Yani and her family

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