My (her) Passion

I call it bond of hearts,
That early morning, being so hectic after that national event, having a total exhausted body mind and soul.. Wondering why do I do this kind of stuff, so this is the answer, that one morning a person I call her “sister” out of nowhere, she messaged me, making me to realized, that life are just another journey, a path to be walk, and being grateful are the most important thing, knowing that everything that happen are well written by the Most Great Scenario Writer
Here’s what her message is

My Passion..
That morning, an offer came to me, an offer that attach to my passion all this time, the passion that I cannot done it for one and other reason.
From that offer, there is one consequence that I had to receive. Having a green light from people around me and need to reduce what I have already achieved all this time,
But for me, that is the price that I am willing to pay, for the passion that I get to do and I am sure that YOU will replace it from other way.
How merciful YOU, gave me the blessing to be with my passion and giving an ease way to gain it.
Here, with a solid yet a teary heart, I able stand in a class, before 79 students, those whom will be a great person in the future, someday. And may YOU ease my knowledge transfer to them
Dear ALLAH.. There is no best scenario other than what YOU had written, the best and the most beautiful ever, so here I am, walking down the path YOU write, because I am sure that YOU are teaching me, to teach other, returning to be a learning person and keep on learning and teaching.
And so, what blessing from YOU that I dare to denied

Ummu Izka, 6 Oct 2015

Thank you for the well written note, sist
And wishing you all the best in the another new world