Praaang and the plates into shards

Praaang.. And the plates into shards

Friday, March 5th 1993

Today is Ramadhan 11th 1413 Hijriah, a sawm day, well off course you don`t do the sawm due to you are just a little girl, your sister Mira also, yet she is learning to do the sawm (she join Suhur, later on around 10 AM she eat. What’s been kind of bothering, you are overact more than those who do the sawm
Every day you are busy about meals only, if day light you keep asking your mother “Mom, today what do you cook, what are you going to make”, sometimes you also request “mom, can we cook this one, that one, etc” , if your mother say “today, we will not cook anything for Iftar ” , You look disappointed and saying “yaaaah, there nothing for Iftar” .

Often you also arguing with your sister Mira, deciding who will buy ice cube during afternoon.

stock-photo-shards-of-a-broken-plate-on-a-wooden-surface-105580115Just like usually, approaching Iftar, the children help their mother preparing the meal, and so were you, Yesterday on May 4th, you also help your mother, you bring rice, and going around the kitchen, once you carried the plates, all of the sudden the plates slip, 3 big plates slip, hit the rice bowl, broken into pieces, the shard some also probably mixed in the rice bowl.
Then we clean and tidy up the shards, the rice that probably had plates shard, is untouchable.

You look frighten, but your father and mother did not scold you,
if you are in the village back years, the time your father is just a boy, kids who broke plate usually got scold and the mother will hit the kid.

#Our Ramadhan Stories
# translated from my sister’s diary written by our father

Diary Nansi

Diary Nansi

# 7 Ramadhan 1436 Hijriah

#picture a shards plate taken from


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