Bandung weekend adventure

Bandung Weekend Adventure
If we still at the same city, we can not say it a vacation, but for me, doing something out the box, with a non co-worker friend and staying at a place other than my kosan or my home.. I call it vacation, and because i went by using motorcycle.. I call it adventure..
It all start from a free voucher for staying at one of the hotel in Setiabudi, really that place is just around 5 km distance from my kosan. And I have this friend, she said “i want to test drive my underwater camera” … daaa a.. Actually I think that just a make up silly reason. 😅

But the day before, I got a call from another person, he invited me and my friend to come to his company event, it was a symphosia about epilepsy at another hotel in Ciumbeluit.
So I thought, hey why not, I still have to wait from my friend from Jakarta until afternoon.

So here is my another weekend adventure
Saturday morning, I went to a symposia about Epilepsy at Harris hotel, that hotel is soooo orange, it brings back memories as a student actually.. after several years, got to listen my teacher again. After having lunch, one of my friend had to do her shift at the hospital…
everyone indeed have their own way to spend the weekend. Having nothing to do, so I do a little trip to ride her there, and after that, off I go to the hotel I will be staying.
Arrived at the hotel, xixixixi.. got nothing to do.. so just watching TV and wait for my friend.
After she arrived, finally… we decided to have a ride, little bit down hill… which actually kind of scary for me, the road has many turning point, and again there is a little light (wondering why there are no road lamp in this area). We ate at Warung Soerabi , and of course we ate Soerabi, one of the famous culinary.. made from a rice flour, shaped around, and cooked at a special cookware made from clay and burned on charcoal flame, and after that.. they add the topping or the sauce, I like the original one, Soerabi Kinca a sweet savory made from a palm sugar with additional sugar. but my friend order another flavour.. with mayo sauce and with oncom, gosh i think she’s gonna feel full xixixixi.

And the next day, we had breakfast at the hotel, and suddenly, one of my friend message “when will you all going to check out ? Can I take a nice little nap there, after my night shift?” , why off course, you can come here. So waiting for her, me my friend stay at the pool, and here we go, my friend tried her underwater camera, well several visitor did watch us, after several picture.. I really had to explain to them “we are trying our new camera =).
Yeaaah.. Finally another friend show up, she really did came just for a nap.
After that, we check out from hotel, and off we go to another food court in Bandung, for lunch we had Iga Bakar Jangkung. Taking another snapshot there. And time passed by , time for my friend to go home, and so do I.

Another weekend adventure, a nice combination between friends, places, and something free, we call it “The gift of friendship” bandung weekend adventure picture


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