Doctors only do GOOD things, can’t do GOD things



That day, a father text his daughter, whom a doctor who live at another city : “I found myself, little bit yellowish, in my eyes”, that time his daughter only thought “aaa, probably just hepatitis A”, Dad, just do lab test for Hepatitis marker and Liver Function” and when the result came, it wasn’t Hepatitis A, it was another Hepatitis #there is his daughter limitation in knowledge.

And so, that father went with his children to see a Hepatologist, done some another lab test, when his child only diagnose it Hepatitis, that Hepatologist diagnose bile obstruction, you should meet the Gastrologist. # there is another limitation of his daughter and that Hepatologist know where his area of work due to his competency. 

“Before we do the endoscopy , it is better we do MRI first” said the Gastrologist.

“Fine Doc, we’ll do the MRI first” and the result came “stone” or so ever, at least that can be seen in the expertise written by the Radiologist, and the Gastrologist agree.. “okay, lets schedule the endoscopy, it is only a simple procedure, no surgery, but do Pray so we can up the stone that causing the obstruction, otherwise we going to open up him in laparatomi ” 

On the day for endoscopy, his daughter said to her father “don’t worry Dad, it will only take a moment, after that you should be in no pain again” (his daughter was so sure that this was the best, and all what her father went through will be the last, her father will cure )

Once the endoscopy DONE, the Gastrologist met his daughter and said “I am afraid, it is not a stone, it looks like those obstruction done by something from outside of the duct, and we should contact the surgeon now. He should know what to do next”

#there the gastrologist done what is his higher knowledge know, and when there is nothing more he can do, he refers his patient to other doctors.

And so that father awake from the anesthesia he asked his daughter “ so, did it taken, the one that obstruct ?” his daughter replied it simply “no, not yet dad, you are going to undergo surgery, open up your stomach to find the things that obstruct your bile” that moment his daughter whom a daughter said in normal voice, like it is not a scary things, she forget that she is also facing an ordinary patient whom don’t understand and probably scared to surgery”.

Day and Night that father complaining “it hurts” yet his daughter don’t listen much, she only went to see a surgeon and simply said “ So doc, when will the surgery ?” with a big hope that the surgeon will said “yups, just that. A simple surgery” But the answer given was a totally out of his daughter mind. When the surgeon said “ what do you mean surgery ? Your father got acute pancreatitis, any doctor will never done surgery with this condition, do you want to kill your own father?!! don’t you realize even after fasting for 8 hours his sugar over 300,we need to stabilize his sugar level first. And also, this MRI , I think it’s not a merely stone, I suspect malignancy”

#What the… 3 weeks ago his daughter only diagnosed him with simple hepatitis, a week later the hepatologist said it was bile duct obstruction.. and the gastrologist said it is not in the duct, and now the surgeon said pancreatitis..and suspect malignancy ???!!!!

The next two day,

That father had difficulty of breathing and decrease level of consciousness, after being Rontgen, the lungs all cover with fluid (than again, the daughter whisper to herself “no way.. 2 weeks ago, the lungs just fine, like a normal lung..what is this ?). and after that came the Pulmonologist, she said “its include the last shield..Last to battle “(aaah dear daughter once again only little you know about the disease)

Even though her father is no longer conscious, and the children already give up, yet the anesthesiologist said “there is always hope”. OK the children put their trust to the anesthesiologist. However fate really have their own way to be unpredictable, that night the father’s heart stop, even after the team able to bring back the beat, but the Anesthesiologist said “tonight will be a hard night, we don’t know whether your father will able to get it through”

Should the children angry with the hepatologist whom said “just hepatitis” based on lab

To the radiologist “only stone”

To the gastrologist “lets endoscopy it”

To the surgeon “no, I won’t do the surgery, I will postpone it”

To the pulmonolgist said “within a week a lung can go scattered”

To the anesthesiologist who can bring back the beat once

To the team that said “we did what the best we could”

To the daughter who sign the Do Not Resuscitate form

And.. that father closed his eyes forever.

Whoever that is, family, friend, brother, sister anyone.. please don’t judge the children with painful comment “why don’t you see that doctor, why didn’t you give your father this medicine..”

Don’t blame all the doctors whom already done their best between risk, benefit and their heart.

just let the children have faith that they have done all they can, ask for the expert, yet there will be always ONE POWER, just like healing is a result, so do the death, and that ONE POWER wasn’t in the hand of human whom we call DOCTOR, but ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY.