A memory develops in the heart not in the brain, isn’t mom

A memory develops in the heart not in the brain, isn’t mom

Hi Mom,

9 months 10 days, the first time I stay in your womb.. It must be a great thing for you, mom!

A memorable moment, well recorded in your memories … as for me, the baby? There was no memory recorded in my brain.

The first 2 years, when I was being held, when I start my first step, when I grasp your warm hand..

Once again.. It sure is a memorable moment for you, mom …

yet not for my brain…

Entering the 5th – 6th first year … when I started my first journey getting out from our warm home, knowing first school, first friend, on the first day you escort me, your little child..

That sure do another memorable moments for you, isn’t mom? ,

But as for me?.. Maybe what I recorded well in my brain were.. “Hooray, my school is fun” not the warmth of your hand holding my little hand along the road, nor the look “ah, there go my little one, study well my child”.

Starting the formal education, being the best at school, hearing my name on the stage to be given an award, that sure is another great moment for you, isn’t mom?.

Then again, how about in my brain “yes, what should I ask as reward from my parents… where should I go with my friend afterwards”.

Everything about a child for a mother, will always be a package of a great happiness, joyfulness memories as memorable moments..


How about a mother for her child?

Dear mother,

When I was in your womb, you know I often kick right?  That’s how I tell you “mom, you are not alone

For the first 2 years, it’s not you who teach me how to walk by holding me, but I am the one teaching you to walk slower and enjoy the path we walk together.

For the first 5th-6th year … when your looks “study well my child”, when you look deep on my back..

Don’t you know mom? When you turn your back,  I did reply it by yelling deep in my heart “YOU’LL SEE MOM.. I AM GONNA TELL EVERYONE HOW GREAT MY MOM… I WILL STUDY HARD”

When I got my first award, my brain sure did said “Hm… what should I ask for the rewards” ..

But my heart said “Dear mom.. Do you proud of me? Am I the child you are hoping, I really had done my best

That’s right mom, I am very sorry if my brain don’t remember a lot of your warmth,

because memory doesn’t develop in the brain, it is keep deep in the heart.

As for you mom?,  As a mother in my heart, it’s like a huge locker that filled with all of great package of memorable moments.