My thought.. My Son choice , and ALLAH grant it

Monday, June 26th 2000

Today is the last day for my Son for returning his UMPTN Form. It’s been couple day we discussed it together..  Which faculty will he chose ?.

Start with Electro ITB, Electro UI and additional guidance from his NF teacher, put some mind from his brother and other family, and of course include me and my wife.

Finally yesterday we agreed 1st choice Mesin ITB and 2nd Mesin UI.. later on, on my way from home to NF, it crossed my mind Teknik Penerbangan ITB, because difficulty level Teknik Penerbangan almost the same with Mesin UI, it will be safer for my son to chose 1st penerbangan ITB, and 2nd Mesin UI. Okay.

So I support him. Because his teacher said my son already reach Mesin UI judging from his score in try-out.

Then again, after saying goodbye with my son.. I took a deeper mind.. Penerbangan have a little more carrier area.. and if UI, it looks like my son not really into it, he really like ITB (then again, his brother said, living as college student in Jakarta much more expensive).. then it should be better 1st chose Mesin ITB..2nd Penerbangan ITB.

So I decided to go back to NF to tell my son. After meeting with him, I said what I already think about..

Unintended my son already have the same thought, even during his recent try-out test.. he mark 1st Mesin ITB.. 2nd Penerbangan ITB

Alhamdulillah.. hopely it will be the same during his UMPTN.

Dear ALLAH, please help my Son.. let the door to ITB be open for him, we really wish he can enroll in ITB (so that is my feeling for now)

Monday, August 7th 2000

This morning from Media Indonesia we know that my son accepted in Mesin ITB, I know it when I was at Gambir, actually I was waiting for my brother in-law who just came from Lampung, Although the chance is quite big… still we will always be deg-deg an, just in case there was mistake somewhere. Arrived at home, I haven’t step my feet out the car, yet I heard my other son jumping all over to excited yelling that his little brother got accepted in ITB, so I step out and said “where is he ?” and I hug him really tight.. I am so happy ..

And that is our home for today..mostly the topic for today is about my Son. Even the neighbor keep on asking and they also feel the happy.

Then I go to the office, my co-worker also asking “why you look so happy today” .. so many congratulate me for my son Achievement…

Yes.. ALLAH grant my wish..!! Alhamdulillah.. thank you ALLAH.

And the phone in our house just don’t stop ringing for his aunties, his friends congratulate him

Friday, August 8th 2000

13.30 : I attend the Inauguration for the new student of ITB at SABUGA Sasana Budaya Ganesha, listening Scientific Speec.

Feel proud.. Happy, not every parents can enter this building, this building is something so sophisticated.. equipped with camera, the screen is so huge.. by the time Rektor and Guru Besar enter.. I feel so proud..

Imagining me, one village boy, whom didn’t got his college stuff, can stand here among the scientists and smart children, scientist wannabe.

4 years ago.. I already accompany my first Son to ITB, and I got this “WOW” feeling… and my eyes became teary due to happiness..

And this moment I felt even “WOOOW”, proud and bless full.

Dear ALLAH how BIG your giving to me..

translated from my father Diary-


1 July 2013

Dear brother, Listening to our parents thought will always add bless.. Because one of the biggest parts of our success came from our dearest parents prayers…


Our parents thought.. Our Choice.. and ALLAH grant it