Thank you Mom for everything (free..)

Today I went to the traditional market with my mom…

Gosh.. carrying all the heavy stuff.. wow… how powerfull my mom.. carrying it all along the market, not a supermarket.. but a traditional market, definitely no trolly to carry the groceries.. so basically we should held it all alone..  if I had to pay for a porter.. probably cost Rp.10.000,-

After that, My mom bought Mujair,  just for one fish, it cost Rp.3.500 if I recalled.. if I bought it at the Restaurant, perhaps gonna cost almost Rp. 7.000,- Rp. 10.000,-

Again, because of my sister wanna have fruit cocktail, so me and my mom decided to buy the fruits we need it.. after shopping, I count for almost 10 Litre of cocktail, cost my mom Rp.52.000,- . if I devided it into glass of 300ml.. Its gonna cost atleast Rp.2.000,- . if I go buy a 300ml of fruit cocktail sometimes it cost Rp.5.000,- – Rp.10.000,-

Sometimes  if we go out for lunch or dinner at the famous restaurant… Did you ever realized what we pay for ? the ingredient ? well of course… but ever realize what make it so “little bit expensive” ? yups.. because we pay the service given ? the butcher who slice the meat, the chef  who cook it.. the waiter who serve it.. that why the price for the foods can be more and more expensive compared with our home made food…

So what is it, that make our home made food “seems” cheap ? one answer.. because our mom services are for free… No fee for the butcher, for the chef, nor the waiter… because she did it alone…

So I would rather not call my mom’s food “cheap”.. I would rather call it “No Price…” because surely, we’ll never be able to pay all her services.. more again if she accumulate it for the whole entire of her life.

I did remember, there is a saying.. “A country will go bankrupt if it tries to pay the moms whom working at home… doing all the housewives chores”.

Thank you so much mom.. for everything  provided for free…

Salute for you mom… and every mom in the world…


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