Letters from the past…

18 July 2012

Been more than one year, we left our home. After 3 days we are back at our home sweet home…

First thing to do, of course doing the cleaning stuff…

Guess what my mom found this morning…

More than 10 letter she wrote for my father… my father always kept it.. safe..

The date ? Jan 1974, Feb 1974, march, apr, may, june, july, aug, sept, oct, nov 1974…

As I  recall.. their wedding date was 28 Nov 1974.. so.. those letters were written between a year before their wedding.. can I called it their “love letter” ???

Nowadays.. of course we can find a lot of sweet SMS … how many of them, keep that message on their phone ?

Yet if I count.. those letter were 38 years old..

Indeed letters from the past meaningfull….everlasting…

and I pray.. “may Allah gather them both in HIS heaven..”


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