my School holiday

July.. is the month for school holiday,

School holiday,

Nowadays, I lives in Bandung, how many traffic jam during weekdays..  Aaah this week is school holiday, so mostly from outer town such as Jakarta. So some thought crossed my mind “was the parents also took a holiday when their children got school holiday ?”

When I did recall my school holiday, during my elementary school..

These was my school holiday..

06.30 Early in the morning… “Bye..bye Mom, I’m going with Dad, to his Office, so no need for the breakfast” –almost everyday, I always ate my mom’s cook for breakfast.

Dad : “do you want toast bread  with peanut butter jam, at my office canteen?”

Me : “Sure do, Dad” –my chances for not eating rice like always..!!!-


Dad : “wait here, I have to report that I’m already here”

-later I know after 20 years working… my dad never been late to work, He even elected as best employee for never been late-

Dad : “let’s go to the rooftop.. you can see Jakarta from 33th floor”

-and I thought a view is a must from a place you call puncak, or hotel room, or sky observation , but

With my Dad, I see from the rooftop of his office, where you can find antenna and lots of cable

08.00 – 09.30 : I was left alone.. my Dad go to work.


Dad : “the Mall just open, you can play there, when lunch time we’ll meet at the loby again”

Me : “No thanks Dad, I just wanna go to the book store, I’ll just read there”


Dad : “I waited you at the lobby .. yet you are still here, let’s go for lunch”

Me : “aaa.. sorry dad, didn’t notice the time”.

13.00 – 16.30 : I was left alone again, so I continue waiting for my Dad, at the book store.

16.30 :

Dad : “let’s go home, Are you happy today ?”

Me : “ofcourse Dad, I can eat my peanut butter toast bread, read a lot, got a chance to see from rooftop”

Tomorrow morning…

We did it again…

When I was a high school student, I didn’t go from early morning…

Sometimes my Dad went home during breaklunch, than I go with him to his office (the same office when I was still an elementary student).

Dad : “where do you want to go ?”

Me : “still the book store, Dad”


Dad : “here’s the shopping list from your mom, go to the Supermarket and buy our monthly need”

Me : “Okay, Dad”


Me : “Mom, here’s the groceries…”


My school holidays, didn’t mean my father’s holidays…

I just simply accompanied my Dad to his office.

Even my Dad office was a great holidays place for me

Father can change an ordinary place into adventure place…

-father can change a boring trip from home to office, into a nice adventure walk


* picture taken from


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