Congenital Abnormality

Congenital Abnormality  (congenital anomaly, congenital malformation, birth defect) is a condition which is present at the time of birth which varies from the standard presentation (Wikipedia).

Yups, I was born with that condition.

I was born with a condition named polydactyly (poly = many, dactyly = finger) my right hand have 6 finger.

Did you know that about 3% of newborns have a major physical anomaly, meaning that has cosmetic or functional significance.

From my point of view.. cosmetic significance can be more harmfull rather than functional.. well you can say, when people always ask “what happen with your hand ?”, later on.. maybe someone with congenital limb anomaly rather go seek for hide.. rather than meeting with others that keep on asking.

Lucky for me.. my parents never made my thumb condition is something that bothering…  so I end up, never hide it.. even when my thumb like that, I didn’t became left handed (trying to hide my right hand), even I can say.. not much people notice my condition.

Ever wondering.. “why me ? among other than my 4 sibling ?!!”

Well 40-60% congenital anomalies in humans is unknown, only 12-25% have pure genetic .. So I prefer to choose the answer  “unknown”.

Some research said that congenital anomalies involving brain are 10 per 1000 , heart 8 per 1000 , kidney 4 of 1000, limb 1 of 1000.

Than again I am still gratefull, although I was born with the rare one.. limb anomaly, atleast it didn’t effect any risk for my life ( 28% infant deaths due to heart anomaly), or my brain.

Remember one thing…  having one part of anomaly, doesn’t mean your whole body also anomaly..

Live with it…  if someone ask you about your anomaly.. make it as a chance to explain.. so that more people aware about this condition..


I am a right hand polydactyly, and I work with my right hand =D


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