My Big Brother… my father’s pride

His first name was my dad and my mom’s name mixed.

His second name was the date he was born, meaning middle august.

His last name, was how much my father hope…

BADISGA “Bahagialah Ayah Dan Ibu Serta keluarGA” .. “and may happinest will always be within my dad, my mom and my family”.

Can’t imagine how happy our family was, when he was born.. After all he is the first boy…

He really did make his family proud and happy…

I guess whole trophy at my house.. was actually he earned it alone…

He is smart.. that’s for sure..

He went to some competition for Math.. got trophy..

He even went on TV during high school.. having a competition againt other school (during that time.. it was nationally broadcast..).

He made our father proud, by seeing him received a trophy from his highschool for being best graduates.

He entered ITB, best enginer institute.. our dad always said “going to mechanic school, I really want to enter ITB.. so famous even when I was young…ITB, one of my dream..”


“A father will always be more proud about his children achievement rather than his own achievement”

He always said “my Dad is my friend”

Guess it was true.. for some reason, he sometimes talked to our dad, and I think.. my dad the only one that can understand what he was talking…

Having his work as a highway consultant, make him travel a lot.. the best thing for my father again.. sometimes he can accompanied his son, while doing that, sometimes our dad can visit his relatives..

Remembering, how much times that our dad needs to visit his relatives.. well thanks to his works, my brother able to visit most of our father relatives…

“A father want his child had more opportunity than himself, not relay to anyone, and always need him”


Man of word..

Always wondering.. how our dad makes my brother “man of words”.. always keeping his promise.. especially with his family…

He said to his father “Dad, please just pay my educational fee and live expenses until I got my Bachelor degree”.

Of course my dad never really agreed with that.. not until he can finally stand on his own feet..

So its kind of funny when one day, he gave money to his parent “here’s the money “I borrowed” for the last one year after I graduated”.

Than again.. our dad only laugh “how can a child have a debt to his own parent”.

He always have a good appereance in my dad’s view..

Being so independently.. responsible..confidently… my dad was really speechles when my brother ask for married…

My Dad can only said “how could I refused, when my son asking for good deed.. and yet until today he’s always be a good son of mine”.

indeed my big brother.. is my father’s pride always…


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