A craftsman , I call him My Dad

My Class’s  Plastic Trash Bin

One day my teacher said “make a group, and each group make a trash bin, we’ll place it at the front of each class.

It was actually really.. if I want to make it simple, just use an empty oil bin, and paint it with our class name… but, when I told my father, about the trash bin… he made it so well…

“my trash bin”,

made from plastic  container

(not like others, made from iron oil bin, so after sometimes it gets rust on it)

had it stand from solid wood, well painted (others .. they don’t really have a stand, just place it)

it can rolls over, yups, my Dad made it so when I want to empty it, I don’t have to lift it, just roll it.

A truck from an inline skate shoes

Sometimes I see some people selling a miniature of a truck,

One day, I see my Dad working with his tools…

He took the wheels from my brother’s broken inline skate,

together with some unused wood, as the body,

He also cut some edges of a plastic container, he said it can be used as the mirror,

He also took some letters from the magazine, he said.. its for the plat number.

He made it for his grandchild..

A truck made from unused things…

A Shelf, that’s perfectly fit…

Having one small spot at the office, yet I really want to have everything in my reach. Hm.. I think I need A shelf, with perfect separation so I can put small things, long paper, small paper, etc..etc..

So I drew with every centimeter perfectly… I add some writing about what will put on it, and I sent  by post  to my father (even my father didn’t know where I was going to put it)

And my father, just simply reply it “you can have it after one week, I will deliver it my self”

After A week, I took the brown painted wood shelf… Everyone asking “where do you planning to place it ?” .. I said “on my desk of course” and they all said “can it really fit ?”

Hehehehe… “Just wait and see.. because my Dad made it precisely”

And after that day… sometimes people said “what a nice shelf, how can it fits precisely?!”.

My boss said “because that was made specially”

And today after almost 2 year passed, once again, someone ask “excuse me, where did you buy the shelf ? it can fit exactly for the printer, also for the paper and other”

Once again I only smiled and my boss said “well, because that was made specially, and only one person can made it, A father for her daughter request”


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