Going to Mecca.. going to Japan My Brother Mizu (part II)

It just happen crossed my mind…

First.. Genetically, he is Minang (West Sumatera) yet born at Bandar Lampung,

Now he lives at Depok (West Java), having his ID from DKI Jakarta.. and he’s planning to make his Passport in Bandung (West Java) …

Guess it is also shown from his Name…  Muhammad (Arab) Mizu (Japan) Batasa (West Sumatera)…

So.. sometimes I called him Ajo (west sumatera) , or  Mizu nii-chan (Japan) or Bro (brother in English)

Sometimes (or often) he said “ I wanna go to Japan… and of course going to Mecca … “

if I ask “why ?”

He said.. “it’s my call.. because of my name” =D

Dear ALLAH…. Please let his dream come true…  


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