my little sister’s doll’s dress

Many years passed…

Perhaps it was when i was at elementary grade.. around 9 years old…

One day, my Grandmother came to Jakarta…

Such a friendly and of course a grandchild loving grandmother..

Out of nowhere..  (perhaps one of my sister’s friend gave doll as birthday present)

Yups, my little sister had a doll, probably like a Barbie doll…

Since it was given, never had thought to buy all the attribute like the clothes, or the house.

One afternoon…

At the veranda… I saw my grandmother with my mom’s sewing kit, and some wasted garment..

My grandma is sewing dresses for my little sister’s doll..

So that doll have another changing dresses, not a night gown, not a blazer,

Amazingly, she sew the polite ones, long slevees, I could said it like “baju kurung”

And now I remember.. perhaps.. that was the last time I saw her…


July 2011

My Uncle call…

He told my family “grandmother passed away..”

It was really.. that doll’s dress time.. the last time…


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