My Dad and paperwork..

“Dad, my paperwork for the national test, need to be delivered to Jakarta, Tomorrow is the last day”

“Fine, I’ll wait until you finished the business in Bandung, after  that, we go back to Jakarta, and tomorrow morning, I take you there.. to deliver your paperwork”

“ Dad, sorry… there was some other paperwork needed.. Do you mind, if I send it by travel.. You can pick it at the travel office…. And go to the office again, to give that paper”

Tomorrow morning :

 “I’m at the examination office.. I already gave the paperwork, as your request”

“Daddy, My Registration card already delivered to the post office.. I can have it tomorrow.. do you mind, going with me tomorrow”

Early morning :

“Mira, wake up.. we better be hurry.. because usually there is traffic Jam.. “

As we arrive ,  truly  early Dad.. even the post office not yet open…

“Dad, I need recommendation letter from Health department at Jakarta, please go there..


“I’m already at the Health Department.. they said it took about 2 week for the letter..  after 2 week I’ll  ask them again”

The minutes I ask for my father help.. not even a day pass.. He did it at that time..

Now.. How many MONTHs do I need for dealing with my deceased father’s paperwork ..!!!


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