My 1st , 2nd and 3rd snelli (doctor’s white coat)

The 1st snelli I had it before I started my internship…

“Dad, I need a short sleeves snelli…”,

so he accompanied me, we went to the store, he bought it for me, of course he paid it..

The 2nd one, I had it after I worked several months

“Dad, I think, I need another snelli.. because everyday I use it, atleast I should have a change”, so he accompanied me again.. to another  store… I paid it my self =D

The 3rd one, I had it just a year ago…

“Dad, I need another new snelli.. the old one had to much stain… but I’m sorry, I can’t go to the store with you.. do you mind, buy it for me and bring it when you visit me next week, I’ll transfer the money to your account”

So the last one.. my Dad bought it on his decision…

One Day…

One Doctor asked me “is your snelli new ?” , I said “Not really.. almost half year old”,

then she said “how come it always looks new ?” …

so I said “I don’t know, my Dad the one that bought it , it does kind of different garment compared to the other snelli I have“

And she said “hoooo, how lucky.. your father always the one buy it, so next time.. if you don’t mind.. ask him to buy another one for me too”.

So silent I didn’t reply…

Yet deep in my heart “I wish I could do that again, Doc !!

asking my father to buy it once more…”

(After few months after my Dad passed away… )


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