Father’s diary (part 2)

July 8th 2010

08.00 AM, went to Bank, checking my saving…

After that, stop by at the post office for paying our house bill.. (hooo what a big rain…)

Doing laundry because my wife isn’t so well..

After that.. packing Mira’s clothes …

Fiuuh I got my rest finally until Ashar .. after Ashar I continue until 17.00

After Isya, I bought snack  Rp.1000 ,-

Almost every night.. I got these aches on my shoulder…

Aaaa there was SMS from my daughter telling that she sent  me Rp. 100.000,- and also for her mother, my wife Rp.100.000,- she said “I got my salary for the first time =D”

Translated from My Dad’s Diary

Dad.. you never wrote how much you had spent for your children..

Yet every penny your children gave.. you always wrote it…

Because parents giving are truly uncountable..

 and no matter how much their children try to payback.. it will never enough…


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