Father’s diary (part 1)

Tuesday, May 4th 2010

My daughter’s vow as a doctor

Early day, Shubuh, I didn’t go to bed again, I’m getting ready wearing my suit.. just like that..

6..? went with my wife and my daughter Mira to Eyckman building next to RSHS, having to attend Mira’s ceremonial as a doctor.

I wrote my name on the frst list of guest.

07.30 and the ceremonial begin, of course with lots of information

08.00 here’s the big event..  where every newly graduated doctor taked their vow according to their religion, there was also speech from the Dean. After that the new doctors gave flower to their parents, and at  the end.. there was a doctor who read a poem.. and that doctor was my daughter, the poem was really heart touching, for a moment I got carried away to the past, where my daughter was a little daughter. I saw lots of guest have tears .. specially the mothers.. Did you know my daughter, even me, your ouwn Father also cried…

Translated from my Daddy’s diary…

My thankyou wouldn’t be enough isn’t Dad..

Yet I really want to say.. “thankyou Dad… for always be here.. when I really need you..”


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