MIZU my brother

MIZU.. (in Japanesse language it stand for WATER)

Maybe because my father prayed my brother to have the “WATER” stuff like being some sort of energy for everyone when everyone already to exhausted ?.

Having separated by birth with just only 2 year made both of us close.. we even enter the same elementary, junior  and high school together… when I was on the first grade.. he was on the 3rd grade.. and always continue…

He is too perfect as a brother…

When we were kiddo.. when most of his friend got a videogame just by asking from their parents.. my brother saved his money.. and bought it by himself…  Also when most of his friend already playing in-line skate .. once again my brother bought it with his own money…

When we were at high school… the day I start wearing hijab.. which I don’t even realized how would I manage to buy a new long uniform.. then again.. one of the senior gave it for me.. later I know.. my brother ask them to buy it for me.. (ups.. how am I gonna repay him).

My Brother never really left me alone..

After he went to college at Bandung, during holiday.. he came home.. sometimes he picked me at school. Well what do you expect.. “a guy riding a motorcycle ??” nope.. my brother just came to our school.. and then we go home together using a bus..

When I entered college.. on the very first day my brother lent me his tiny little room, so that I can slept well, while himself, just slept on the chair (its not even a couch).

When he joined some work and earn his own money…

Some stuff he bought for me.. that flashdisc.. that laptop.. that handphone…

Sometimes it came in my mind.. how did my brother can do that.. “saving all his money.. yet I nearly saw he used it for his own sake.. “

Guess my father’s prayer in my brother name really work.. for my brother being a nice person and having some kind of MIZU stuff.. being others energy when others already exhausted…


3 thoughts on “MIZU my brother

  1. Mira,

    Aku pernah dititipin tolong oleh Mizu untuk beli kerudung+cadar buat Nancy.. setelah aku hunting toko, aku nemu toko yang jual.. kemudian aku lapor ke Mizu, tapi katanya ga jadi, karena saat itu waktu yang belum tepat untuk Nancy pakai cadar.

    I know him well.. Termasuk saat pernikahannya. Dia benar2 sempurna menjamu kami sebagai tamu. Bayangkan, semua transportasi dan akomodasi kami dari Bdg-Lampung-Bdg, gratisss! Subhanallah.. aku belum pernah ketemu manusia seperti ini..

    You’re so lucky to be his younger sister.. 🙂

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