genetically inherited “Urang Minang”

limo ibu..

this afternoon.. my tiny little niece (well of course she is tiny.. she is just a 20 months baby…)  it is always a funny word that came out from her tiny little mouth  (once again.. of course for a baby everything is tiny..

how many people can truly understand and communicate with 20 mo baby..

gathering with her grandmother (that is my mom) and with her parents  all of sudden she said “UAND” … aaaa she look at my drawer.. wow amazing.. she remember that sometimes I kept my UANG inside it.. and just like that.. I open my wallet and I take several UANG with different nominal.. and We arranged it from the smallest to the biggest.. and I said “pick one..pick one”  and she picked one..  not the small one nor the big one.. but with the picture of  Tuanku Imam Bonjol .. so suddenly we laugh.. and came to conclusion that.. “if genetically inherited.. you can’t avoid” … yups that’s right we are “Urang Minang”, whom Tuanku Imam Bonjol is one of the national hero from West Sumatera or oftenly called Minang. so we laugh realizing how my 20 Mos niece already know about “MINANG”


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